Nina Kraviz Top 5 Sets

трип (Trip) Recordings founder Nina Kraviz, earned herself the title of Mixmag’s DJ of the year late last year for her fearless and distinctive selections in both the world’s biggest stages as well as some more intimate settings. Here we take a look at some of her best mixes from years gone by and highlight why she has earned her place at the top of the industry.

RTS.FM – 2009

In this 2009 mix for RTS.FM, Nina shy’s away from the heavier and acidic techno she is known for, and here opts for the tight and minimal sounds of Ricardo Villalobos, STL and Baby Ford before moving to more soulful, lyric driven house music to close.

Boiler Room DJ Set at ADE – 2012

Opening with haunting atmospherics, moving through downtempo grooves to build to an eclectic mixture of acid motifs and driving percussion seamlessly blended together makes this an excellent introduction to Nina’s work for the first ADE Session in 2012. Apparently, she had a CD labelled ‘Romantic Techno’ with her. Do you reckon it got played?

Secret Sundaze – 2013

Taking no prisoners, this performance at Secret Sundaze in 2013 opens with a pounding kick drum, gripping the audience immediately. Delivering a plethora of atonal polyrhythms, powerful percussion as well as daring atmospheric breakdowns to create what by now, is becoming her signature style.

Dommune Tokyo – 2013

Expertly mixed using predominantly vinyl, Nina effortlessly glides through revered classics like Steve O’Sullivan’s Touch Up and Jeff Mills’ Keeping Of The Kept to contemporary powerhouses including Omar-S’ It’s Money In The D for her 2013 mix on Dommune Radio.

Galaxiid – Printworks London – 2017

2017 saw Nina bring Galaxiid, a sub-label of трип (Trip), to the Printworks warehouse in London. On top of the hard and fast techno for which she has become known for, this stream shows us the extraordinary visuals which perfectly complemented this incredible set.