Love on a Techno Rave


Can you find love at a rave or a techno party? How do you connect with other ravers in the techno scene for something romantic?

Techno Parties: A Modern Love Story

Raves are historical places to feel love. Whether it’s the music, the dancing, the lights, or just the coming together of like-minded people, there are few friendlier places to enjoy a great night out and meet people who might stay in your life forever.

For many of us, we dream of meeting our other half of the love of our lives across the dance floor while shuffling to your favorite song; of course, it’s much easier and more convenient to meet someone on a website for dating – but nothing is impossible!

The Feeling of a Dark Fairy Tale

Ravers are part of a secret society, liberated people who sneak out late after everyone else has turned in for the night and venture into shadowed hours. Transport, outfits, and a place to stay for the night are arranged weeks in advance – and raves take pride of place on the calendar. In a world of darkness and neon lights, techno raves transport you to another planet and are the best place to let go for the whole of an night completely.

Like the best Halloween you have ever visited, the out of this world outfits transform under the light shows and colored strobes. Raves are not like regular nightclubs or concerts – the people are here to dance and do so without shame. It is unimportant what you look like, how you dance, or even how buzzed you’re feeling – the focus is music and dancing and the happiness brought to you through the experience of both.

The Same and Different at the Same Time

Anyone can be a raver. Whether you’re a 9-5 banker in the city, a backpacker making your way around the world, or even a school teacher – everyone is united by their shared love of music and raving, and there are no restrictions. Techno ravers are people of all ages, with techno raves first becoming popular in the 70s and 80s and still attracting the OGs and newbies to raves across the world.

A rave is a place where people come together – whether you’re 18 or you have two 18-year-olds at home – it isn’t about individuals, it’s about becoming at one with the rave. The raves take place in dark spaces, helping people take off their “masks” and be themselves with strangers – who without a shared love of techno music, they have nothing else in common but can become best friends or even lovers for the night.

Drunken Hearts

Raves are not often sober places, and many ravers enjoy indulging in more than just one glass of wine. Flowing alcohol helps people to relax, be themselves, and be more liberated than they would usually be without any alcohol.

When trying to meet new people – especially at techno raves and parties – some liquid courage can be all you need to start a conversation with someone you like the look of. Alcohol helps everyone release their inhibitions, and whether you want to feel more relaxed to let yourself go on the dancefloor or give you the confidence to speak to someone you want to get to know – techno raves are the perfect place to do so.

Whether you meet someone at a techno rave or on an online dating site for ravers – having someone to share the love with at future raves only makes them better; what are you waiting for?


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