Interview: Cosmic Boys

The ferocious French techno duo Cosmic Boys are two friends made up of Sebastien & Gaby. Their unique, high-energy take on techno has seen them quickly rise the ranks to become genre leaders, charting No.1 on Beatport and collaborating with titans such as UMEK and featuring on Richie Hawtin’s iconic label Minus.

The duo have also started two esteemed imprints under the names Legend and Scander, which have given exposure to their own sound, fresh talent and established names such as Reinier Zonneveld, Traumer and Dusty Kid.

Their most recent output was a huge EP on Monika Kruse’s ever-quality Terminal M imprint, with 3 dancefloor-destroying cuts. Grab your copy HERE.

Hey guys! How’s things in the world of Cosmic Boys?

Hey guys, life is good at the moment. Summer is around the corner and it started great with clubs & festivals happening all around. That’s quite promising & exciting!

Tell us how you guys met? What was the catalyst to start working together?

We got in touch through socials regarding music, then we finally met an after party having fun & drinking together! The feeling was amazing from the start and since then we started working together.

Did you both have similar sounds before your joined forces or did you bring your own unique elements to the duo?

We always had the same tastes in music. So we had an easy connexion when it comes to the music, each of us is bringing his ideas; and his personal touch but when we talk about music we are talking the same language and that’s easy to come to agreements. Sometimes one of us has the melody in our head, the other the drums & FX and vice versa, there is no rules, it always depends on the mood of the day which leads to the fact that it’s always a pleasure working together!

What are your earliest memories of music? When did you first get hooked on electronic music?

We started to listen Electronic Music very early, from Euro Dance to trance or even hard Belgian techno or even hardcore, Thunderdome etc… but the thing that really made us want to be djs and artists was an after hour venue called the Bar Live which was located in Montpellier, our hometown. It was back in 2000’s and it was one of the top spot in Europe at that time!

What are some of your most memorable moments so far in your career?

We have lots of good memories in the end but if we have to state only one, that would would one which happened at Zenith de Montpellier, right after all that Covid crisis. It’s a very big concert hall in Montpellier, with 7500 people. Venue was packed and the crowd was crazy, it was raining drops of condensation from the roof of the venue! Playing in our hometown is always a special feeling overall when all conditions are perfect as they were, it was a very special moment for us.

What do you think has been key to your success?

Work, work, work, work, patience and sometimes comes also the luck! But all in all, passion is key, you can spend all the time you wish in working when this passion flame is here you’re not counting on hours. We are first passionate about music, going everyday to the studio as work is a chance that we want to keep always!

Congrats on your recent EP ‘Don’t Loose Control’! Tell us a bit about it.

Thanks a lot! We are very happy about this EP and everything that happened all around it! We did this EP during the first lockdown, we wanted to make 3 very different tracks. It was a tough period for all of us. As artists, normally travelling the world, is wasn’t great to stay home for weeks and over the weekends without seeing smiles, dance floors & deliver happiness to the people. It was important for us to keep the control of our minds & keep the focus on what was here daily, music, so not losing control.

How did you connect with Terminal M for the release?

Some years ago, Monika was used to play our track “the Bast” released on our own label Legend. One day she tagged us on a story on Instagram and the friendship began. We started to get in touch from there & here we are today !

Who is a dream collaboration of yours?

There is 1 person that we would love to collaborate with, not techno, it’s Hans Zimmer. His music is just out of this world, true genius.

What are some of your favourite venues to play around the world?

Every club has it’s own vibe, own story, a lot of clubs gave us goosebumps when we think about but there is one that we wish to congratulate in particular, now closed, it’s Cacao Beach in Bulgaria. It had been the very first club outside of France to believe in us and our music. The crowd there had always been very special, we’ve been going there for almost 10 years, once a year & it was such a pleasure always to go there even travel was always hard to reach that place!!! Pure memories. What is great with our job is that we get the chance to travel all over the world, discover cultures, countries, landscapes. We know we are very lucky to live that every week!

Do you think the music industry had been able to bounce back after Covid? What have been your experiences?

When all measures were dropped here in France, we felt like freedom was back! Everybody was so happy to return to events. Even we know that for clubs and festivals it’s a new deal and more difficult to fulfill venues because the crowd lost the use to go to clubs & festival for 2 years, but we believe that after the summer, things will get back hopefully to full normality for everybody & the party will win!

What is up next for Cosmic Boys?

This summer looks so good, after the last 2 years we are so happy to be back on tour!
We will play all across Europe, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria etc… we’ll also pass by Middle East with some shows in the building in Turkey, Dubai and return to Canada also in August! Of course, France is also part of the plans as we have couple of festivals planned but also our own Legend open air, happening in our hometown with Umek & Matt Sassari! Some new releases also are to expect in July with a full EP to come on our label Scander and a collaboration with T78 to come in September!