Interview: Axel Giova

Hey Axel, thanks for joining us today. How has 2023 started for you?

Thank you for having me! The year has started amazingly for me. I’m doing what I like the most, which is mixing and producing. My energy is renewed and I have great expectations for 2023. I am starting the year with two new releases, an EP and a VA – scheduled for release in February and in March. These releases are set to happen on Steyoyoke and Inner Symphony – labels that I have a lot of respect for. Also, I have gigs planned in Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay during January and a promising schedule for the first half of the year. Overall, I am very excited about all the things to come in 2023.

What are some of your early music influences? 

When I get asked about my musical influences, the first thing that comes to mind is that my whole life I was always surrounded by music. It’s like I have a soundtrack accompanying me at all times. In all important moments, both happy and sad, music has always been there all along. Music has always been a medium through which It was most natural for me to express myself and experience life. During the most significant moments, of my adolescence, I enjoyed bands like Pink Floyd for their melodies, psychedelia, and darkness. The Doors, Radiohead, and The Cure are some of the bands that I believe have played a big part in the formation of my musical taste.

How and when did you get into Music Production / DJ’ing? 

At first, I started my journey as a DJ, and have dived into music production much later – about 4 years ago. I have spent these years experimenting and exploring various musical directions in order to achieve a trademark sound I could be known for.

Do you consider yourself more of a Music Producer or a DJ? 

What a difficult question. I consider myself more of a DJ, but I believe that today in order to transmit what one wants on the dance floor, it is necessary to produce, to feel alive and open to emotions. But, yes, I really enjoy making people move, and above all transmitting feelings and sensations, which is the most wonderful thing.

Can you name some of your most frequently used instruments and/or plugins?

I would say that one of my most frequently used instruments is Ableton’s Operator – it’s simple yet effective. I use external Machines, among which are various keyboards. I am also a big fan of virtual instruments such as Omnisphere, Serum, and Diva – which give me good results.

What was your highlight gig in 2022?

One of my most memorable gigs in 2022 was in Spain alongside Henry Sainz and Lopez House. Another gig that comes to mind was in Argentina, in La Plata, which generated a very nice connection with the public, which is something I always keep close to heart.

Can you name some releases you got planned for this year? 

Definitely! It’s important for me to always have releases scheduled. Titled “Visión” – a track I have coming on Steyoyoke in February, and another EP coming on Inner Symphony at the beginning of March, with more melodic tracks called Suspiro and Svadhisthana. There will be another release at the end of March, a powerful EP coming out on Ziger’s label Eat my Hat and so much more to come.

How would you define success? 

The way I define success is closely connected to one’s own happiness. It’s not about numbers or any other metrics, but more about an overall feeling of happiness that is individual to every person.

What can we expect from Axel Giova this year? 

Uff, I really hope I can reach the hearts of more people with better music, and I feel like everything is flowing naturally.

Thanks for joining us today! Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thanks for having me, and great 2023 to all of you!


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