Andre Crom’s Top 5 Tracks

Known as globally touring DJ and the man behind OFF Recordings for many years, Andre Crom made some massive changes  in the recent past. He embarked on a journey in many ways, most importantly musically, from house to techno, and artistically, from being primarily a DJ, to becoming a full-fledged music producer.

Andre Crom picked out the very best tracks he wanted to share with his fans. Great list includes a track from his new “Syncopate” EP that is out on Beatport.

1. Carl Craig – Sandstorms 

Originally released in 2004, this has been a staple in my warmup sets, and sounds as magical today as it did back then.

2. Dave Clarke – Southside 

I think this one was already on heavy rotation when i made my first visits to the aptly named “Poison Club” in Düsseldorf in the late 90ies; so it always takes me back in time to those glorious rave days. What a bomb! I played it many times throughout my career, and even nowadays it destroys every dancefloor.

3. Tallmen785 – Batucada

One of the most radical releases we had on my label OFF Recordings so far; this track is a really original work. Amazing sounddesign and arrangement. Would love to experience this one played out at Berghain!

4. Truncate – Another One – Len Faki Remix 

I have to name at least one track with these 2 artists involved, as both of them have played a seminal role in my musical development from house to underground techno.

Truncate is known for crossing the borders between house and techno in a super functional and dj friendly way. And Len’s work just has this anthemic and emotional quality to it, which makes it very accessible also for people coming from other musical genres – while always staying really credible.

5. Andre Crom – Ignition – 100 % Pure

This is one of the 2 originals from my current EP on 100% Pure. From all my recent releases it’s surely the most “banging” one and shows were i am at now sound wise.

Functional techno with a catchy twist.