Aliases Of Techno Veterans You Probably Haven’t Heard

Many of today’s most famous techno DJ started their work way back and in their long careers they used numerous aliases.

We tried to dig deep and discovered aliases of 15 techno names you probably didn’t know. Check 15 artists and more that 100 aliases!

Adam Beyer

One of today’s most popular techno DJ and producer definitely is Adam Beyer. The founder of significant Drumcode label, announced festival that can’t be missed. Beyer also produced music as:
2 Bonk
Conceiled Project
Mould Impression
Mr. Sliff
Tall Guy

Richie Hawtin

Richard Michael Hawtin definitely stands out for the number of his significant projects. Plastikman being the most influential one. Although mainly influenced by Detroit techno, Hawtin has developed his own style ranging from harder noisy techno to deep minimal abstract acid.
Circuit Breaker
Concept 1
Forcept 1
Jack Master
Richard Michaels
Richie Hawtin
Spark, UP!
“Buzz” Aldrin
N. Armstrong

Sven Vath

Germany’s most enduring and accomplished DJ and producer definitely is Sven Vath. He began DJ’ing at the famous Dorian Gray club at the age of 18, and now Sven is one of world’s most famous DJs.

Also known as:
Astral Pilot
P. Jive
R U Ready
Sam Vision
Vaeth 3

Derrick May

A part of the original Detroit “Holy Trinity” with Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, Derrick took the Euro-electropop crystals of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and New Order beyond its own horizon, infusing it with house, experimental synthesizer work and just plain soul. Derrick May created under alias:
Long Ago
Rhythim Is Rhythim

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills is one of the most pioneering American names in techno music. Championed for his music’s relentless pursuit of hardness and his stripped-down, almost industrial DJ sets, Mills is the latest in a long line of Detroit-bred talent to take on an international reputation, performing for audiences around the world in both club and art spaces.

He also runs his own label, Axis, and produced as:

The Wizard
Servo Unique
True Faith