Review: Thurman – Kanikani (Sobeat)

For their latest release So BeAt is warmly welcoming Parisian very own Thurman. He’s delivering two super bumpy tracks, while Kanikani EP is completed with a remix of Serbian superhero Mene.

Kanikani is the first track in a row. A great bumpy piece of art that will move your hips just the way you need it. Wisely chosen percussions and short vocal scapes will make you a little pensive while you dance and the repeating snare rolls will give you enough energy to continue. Be patient and wait for the main break ‘cause it’s simple lead melody is making a really comfortable atmosphere all around.

Now it’s time for Lisboa, another great original track. We can guess Lisboans really do like filthy sub bass lines that are making kind of vacuum in the space. Cool siren sounds and isolated percussions going a little out of logic are simply making the vibe totally nuts and all of that get perfectly combined with those kinda lo fi confusing vocal lines. Tech house at it’s grooviest here.

Mene did a more organic remix of Lisboa. Those rhythmical elements are really natural in a way and these tom toms are doing a really good job rolling around for ever. Warmth everywhere, it’s just what we need to save our nerves from time to time. Good job done saving the original flow but changing almost everything else.

Release is out on January the 26th feel free to play it loud! Stay tuned for more great material to come on So BeAt.