UNCERTAIN to drop Krystal EP on Cristian Varela’s Pornographic Recordings

New born project UNCERTAIN, marks the more frantic side of Techno says Boriqua Tribez the man behind it, who’s definitely not an unknown name to those who follow the industry long enough. After a debut release of Boriqua’s album ‘Chocolate Fonk’ in 2017, he is back to Cristian Varela’s label Pornographic Recordings, with a three tracker EP, strongly different, rough and refreshed.
If you’re looking for some deep hooks and variations, just forget it, we are speaking about clean, kind of edgy elements, front-faced high hats and pretty “rave” kind of kick drums to be found in each of the track.

Krystal is entitled as a leading track of this release and the one we are premiering this week.
We gave it a spin, we did this few times, we loved it, we got attracted to it and we are sharing it with you all.

Big things ahead in 2018 for Uncertain, so keep watchin’ 🙂

Release date, Friday 6th July worldwide.