Should Techno DJs & Fans Wear Only Black? Do You Want to Bring Colours Back in Techno?


Stand in line at almost any techno party in almost any country, and you’re bound to notice the one thing in common: black. Same goes for DJs, at most of the time.

Did it become a fashion rule because if was not always like this. Not so long ago people danced to techno wearing all the colours of the rainbow. Just take a look at Damian Lazarus’ incredible video from the Cocoon Ibiza closing party in 2006.

Cocoon Closing 2006

11 years ago, Cocoon closing party 2006, before there were iPhones and all black clothing there was me and my spirit hands… #TBT

Posted by Damian Lazarus on Donnerstag, 20. April 2017

So how did this happen? Why has techno gone from being a style of music to dictating what colours you can and—more appropriately—cannot wear?