Ricardo Villalobos and Burnt Friedman remix Samuel Rohrer on ‘Range of Regularity Remixes 2’

The second EP of Samuel Rohrer’s ‘Range of Regularity’ album presents two more striking reinterpretations. These new remixes provide an intriguing parallax view of the original tracks, using the percussive eclecticism of the parent LP as a starting point from which to journey into sonically vibrant, feature-rich territories. The production specialists on hand for this project include Burnt Friedman and Ricardo Villalobos. Villalobos, has already formed a strong working relationship with Rohrer’s AMBIQ trio, lends his talents to both of the EPs (‘Range of Regularity Remixes I’ – AMEL-EP716).

Nonplace label boss Friedman, as well, has carved out a unique space for himself within the electronic world, logging several decades’ worth of releases that with dub-wise production sensibility, skewed humor, and riots of tone color. Though each individual remix has its own character, they are all united in their ability to provide a quick cure for fatigue with the common ‘loop”: though not improvised, they are strung together from fleeting phrases that evolve as if they are taking on a life independent of their creators.

Burnt Friedman’s own dramatic interpretation of ‘Microcosmoism’ pairs up his consciousness of deep bass and analog inventiveness with Rohrer’s continually transforming sound objects, making for a flowing and wordless narrative that simply dares listeners to stop paying attention. Feeling more like a collaboration in ‘real time’ than a remix proper, Friedman brings his characteristic ‘mad scientist’ wit to the proceedings and delivers an energetic piece that simply glows in the dark.

This is complemented nicely by Villalobos’ remix of ‘Microcosmoism’. It carries the energy level of the 1st EP over to a new disk, while heavily experimenting with feelings of emotional ambiguity. At some points aggressive and at other points merely curious, this mischievous collage of attitudes feels as inspired by the questing jazz of Sun Ra as it is by
continental techno. Contemplative keyboard runs, enthusiastic spring-like percussion and malfunctioning machine chatter all coalesce to make this a most fascinating piece of multi-purpose electronic music.

Text by Thomas Bey William Bailey

“Range of Regularity Remixes 2” with remixes by Burnt Friedman and Ricardo Villalobos – out on September 29.