Raving 2 Times Per Month Can Help You Live Longer

A new study by 02 conducted by behavioral scientist Patrick Fagan claims that “attending a live music gig once a fortnight could have life expectancy rocketing by nine years due to its power to positively impact wellbeing.”

As Mixmag reports,Fagan and his team of scientists found that the study participants’ measurable feelings of self-worth, closeness to others and mental stimulation increased dramatically during gig attendance.

Conclusions from the study are:

Fortnightly gig attendance could extend life expectancy by NINE years

Wellbeing increased by 21% from just 20 minutes of gig-time, compared to just 10% for yoga and only 7% for dog-walking

O2 commissioned scientific study reveals the power of live music on the human body and mind

Research showed a positive correlation between regularity of gig attendance and wellbeing. Those who attend live concerts once a fortnight and more were the most likely to score their happiness, contentment, productivity and self-esteem at the highest level (10/10), suggesting that regularly experiencing live music is the key to building a long-standing improvement to wellbeing.

So, you only need two raves per month to live long and happy!

Read full report here.