Police Crew With a Helicopter Struggled To Shut Down A Rave

Police had a rough time stopping the rave!

Words you’ll be reading below are the statements given to local news lincolnshirelive.co.uk.

People have come out in their droves to support a rave that has been taking place for 17 hours near Ollerton.

Crowds of people have been descending on Bevercotes Colliery since late yesterday evening and police officers are still tackling to bring the unofficial event under control.

Nottinghamshire Police’s force control room told Lincolnshire Live: “Plans are in place to tackle the issue. We deployed officers to the immediate area and are in the process of moving resources into the area.

“Local officers will be challenging any anti-social behaviour in the area and supporting the local community.

“Officers have been tasked with monitoring drivers leaving the site to ensure they are not driving under the influence.

“A large gathering such as this needs careful time and planning.

“The police helicopter has been sent and further officers have been sent in from Nottinghamshire.

“Because it is such a big event, we can’t just storm in. We have got to carefully work out what our next move is.

“It is thinning out now because it is raining.”

Hundreds of nearby residents have been complaining about the loud music and noise disturbance, but revellers say people have ‘not been causing any trouble’.

Lee Pod, 28, from Retford, told Lincolnshire Live: “A lot of people are saying things, but in my opinion, last night was an experience.

“They come once every so often and people want to go there as an experience. They are not a bad thing. There was no trouble.

“I walked in there and didn’t know what I was walking in to. It was daunting but when you get there, there are so many different types of people. There were lads in hoodies dancing with hippies. It was surreal.

“Apparently, they [organisers] were going around with bags picking up the rubbish.

“It’s been put across as a bad thing and police are trying to shut it down.”

Other people have taken to Lincolnshire Live’s sister site Facebook page, Retford Times, to support the event.

Carl Mear said: “They’re better off there having a good time and staying out of trouble than out robbing houses and people. Some people forget they were young once… Once in a blue moon.”

“Let them have some fun,” said Jessica Phillips. “It’s once a year. I’m up more in the night with the next door but ones kid crying. It’ll be done with this time tomorrow.”

Tracy Clark added: “Brill. I hope they’re having a cracking time. I wish I was there.”

Trevor Rose said: “Young people having a great time. Tell me you’ve never once broken the law. Good on them.”

Kathryn Mangles said: “We can hear it at Sturton le Steeple. They not out robbing houses so let them have some fun! On the other hand, I do feel for those living nearby.”

Tom Gray said: “Go ahead have a great time but does it have to be so loud? It’s heard seven miles away.”