Are Overcrowded Parties Killing the Scene?

Are overcrowded raves bad for the scene and should promoters stop overselling their parties?

Tom Halstead wrote about this, we believe, important question for clubbing and raves in his article on Pulse Radio.

About atmosphere and state at the entrance, he stated that: ”A never-ending stream, in fact, flooding inside like the last refugees of the zombie apocalypse. Which was fine at first. We got there early and knew the centre of the dance floor wouldn’t stay empty all night. And as it filled, we slowly eased our way to the front right like we always do.’

We have all been to at least one party that was overcrowded, where it was unable to dance, to move, and it was to hot to even breathe, so is money the most important thing to promoters? There are a lot of true fans that often skip attending the hyped event because of overcrowding, event thought they favourite djs is on the line up.

Read his column in full here.

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