Maceo Plex will perform at the Instytut Festival 2019 Music & Art

In June polish Modlin Garrison will host an extraordinary artist. Extraordinary because completely unconventional despite his huge popularity, experimenting and rejecting all contemporary party trends. In 2015, he run an experiment at the end of the set in Amnesia club in which he exposed the direction of world clubbing, the famous “what if the drop never came?” when he broke the scheme of the classic set and made the audience wait in amazement for the desired catharsis. Two years later, he played at an exclusive secret party organized as part of Audio Obscura during the Dutch ADE in the bicycle passage running through the Rijksmuseum building in Amsterdam. An American with Cuban roots – Maceo Plex.

Maceo Plex, or Eric Estornel, also known as Maetrik and Mariel Ito, is an artist who in recent years has gained more and more popularity due to his diverse production style, which is mainly influenced by house and techno, but also electro and tech house. For years, he resided in the best clubs in Ibiza, including the legendary Space and Amnesia. Starting his career as a DJ at the age of 16 in Dallas, Texas and developing music to 19, he released 68 singles and EPs, five albums and performed in over 40 different countries.

To sketch the musical journey of Maceo, we must go back to 1993, the beginning of his work. It was then, intrigued by vinyl records and analogue playing, that he began to discover all the nuances of electronic music. Soon, he began to mix techno, electro and house music, which quickly began to gain popularity in the early 90s. In 1997, influenced by the work of modern funk theorists, Maceo began to experiment with hardware modules to create his early musical compositions. Seduced by the sounds of techno and electro he developed his musical art and delved into the synthesis of sound to soon start to create under the alias Mariel Ito and Maetrik.

On the wave of changes in creativity and personal life, Maceo Plex has gone from a complex and dark life in America to Valencia in Spain. It was this sunny and vibrant atmosphere that was a very important element for Maceo in his long internal journey, which is easy to see in his productions. After escaping from funky sounds of Parliament Funkadelic, Moodymann, Isolee and Luomo, Maceo achieved his own unique style. The year 2011 began with a full-size debut album aptly titled Life Index, which symbolizes the transformation of the artist’s life into a soul full of energy. Three years later, in 2014, he releases the album Conjure Infinity with one of his most popular songs Conjure Dreams:

In July 2017 Estornel released the Solar album, named after his son and bearing his portrait on the cover. With the album, he wanted to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with his audience. The project combined ambient electronics, breakbeats and melodies, with elements of dub and techno and guest vocalists.

The long and extremely intense evolution of Maceo Plex’s style led him to the heights of popularity. The musical wisdom of the artist, experience and mature productions navigating between many genres are still surprising fans all over the world who tirelessly follow him for the world’s best festivals and events. Each Maceo Plex’s performance is a unique journey and experience on itself- let’s find out on June 21 in Modlin Garrison!