London club Printworks to close and redevelop into offices

Printworks is officially set to close, following a decision by the Southwark Council to go ahead with redevelopment.

Last October, the owner of the property, British Land, submitted a proposal to redevelop the land—and turn the current location of the club into office space.

Despite a 10,000-strong petition and wider industry advocacy, this week Southwark Council approved the plan, meaning the club will close for good, according to Southwark News.

In their recommendation, the councillors noted the success of the 6,000-capacity venue, which opened in 2017, but also said that the use of the former newspaper printing facility was always temporary, with the plan for redevelopment long in the works. The replacement for Printworks will consist of a three-part building ranging from five to seven stories, featuring a mix of offices and retail, as part of a larger Canada Water redevelopment “master plan.”

Via RA