How to Mix Live Elements with Point Blank and Waves Audio  

Point Blank recently partnered with the world-leading plugin specialists Waves Audio and to celebrate this new relationship they have created a series of masterclasses focussing on how to finely tune your tracks. Following the partnership, Point Blank students are now entitled to an exclusive 35% discount on Waves Audio’s state-of-the-art plugins. Find out more about their student discounts here and enrol on a Point Blank online course here.

First up in their series of Waves Audio masterclasses is JC Concato – Point Blank Music School’s Creative Director and an industry professional Sound Engineer who has worked with the likes of Björk, Us3 and The Cure. In the video, JC provides an insight into his mixing techniques using his go-to Waves Audio plugins (NLS Summing, Kramer Master Tape, Abbey Road Chambers and more) demonstrating how to achieve that sought-after organic analogue sound. These ‘in the box’ methods will show you how to significantly enhance and colour the sound of your tracks.

To demonstrate these essential techniques, JC opens up a collaborative student project file from Point Blank’s Music Production & Sound Engineering degree. For part of this course, their students were given the opportunity to re-create the 90s Massive Attack classic, ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, recording the live elements in a live studio environment. In the video, JC delves into the track’s strings showing the techniques he used to replicate the sound of the legendary Abbey Road studios using Waves Audio’s Abbey Road Chambers plugin and others.