Hear Sven Väth’s 30 years old Top 10 Chart from 1989

Sven Väth is a German DJ legend and three-time DJ Awards winner whose career in electronic music spans well over 30 years.

The single “Electrica Salsa” with OFF launched his career in 1986. Lovingly referred to as “Papa Sven” by his fans,Sven Väth has made his mark in the music community by being one of Germany’s “pop stars” in the nineties, running two famous night clubs in Germany, and starting his own company Cocoon, which encompasses a booking agency, record label, and a branch for events.

Sven Väth is a major proponent of vinyl, using only two decks and a mixer for his extensive DJ sets, his longest set having been 30 hours.

In case you wanted to know how Sven’s playlist looked like 3 decades ago, you can check it below, thatnks to groove.de.