German Politician: ‘Using Tax Money To Support Techno Is The Least We Can Do’

European techno capital Berlin is know for its clubs which are the reasons the city is touristic hot spot for years.

Last year the news surprised us, that Berghain might have to close, due to building of Mercedes Benz Arena with malls, restaurants and so on. With about 170 clubs closed since 2011, Berlin had a big decision before its self, and city council did it right.

It was recently announced that 1 million euros would be invested into soundproofing for venues, countering property development in the city, a move that is set to be approved today.

Georg Koessler of the Greens party in Berlin is fully behind the injection of money, saying it’s only right dance music gets something back for its positive impact on the city.

“Techno culture has given so much to Berlin, using some taxpayer money to support it is the least we can do.”

Even the Conservative party is backing the scheme.

“Politicians used to talk about Berlin clubs as something nice on the fringes. But very surprisingly, even our opponents in the (conservative) CDU are suddenly very passionate about this subject, which they call the night economy”.

Via: Mixmag