Dangerous Ecstasy Reported Ahead Of Festival Season


KnowYourStuffNZ discovered a harm reduction service out of New Zealand, states that dangerously strong ecstasy is currently in circulation ahead of the country’s festival season, Mixmag reports.

KnowYourStuffNZ founder Wendy Allison wrote an article on The Spinoff outlining that only 20 per cent of ecstasy actually contained MDMA in the past , but that figure has increased significantly this year. Now 75 per cent contains MDMA with many pills possibly containing multiple doses.

“Our technology (reagent testing and FT-IR spectroscopy) cannot measure dosage,” writes Allison, “but if content analysis shows mostly MDMA in a heavy pill, we can make an educated guess that a larger than usual dose of MDMA may be present. This season we’ve seen several pills weighing up to 580mg in which the main ingredient is MDMA, suggesting potentially two to three times the average dose.”

Allison has also outlined specific pills to avoid, including “green guccis”, “yellow rolexes” and “pink porsches”. Specifically with regards to “pink porsches”, those who have ingested it have reported unpleasant experiences and testing these suggests they may contain “dangerous pharmaceutical agents” as well as a high dose of MDMA.

Find out more about KnowYourStuffNZ here.

Via: Mixmag


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