Boris Brejcha reveals new album Space Diver

Space Diver closes out with ‘Game Over‘, an expertly-crafted slice of Brejcha‘s self-coined ‘High-Tech Minimal’ genre.

Renowned German DJ and producer Boris Brejcha has unveiled his hotly anticipated new album Space Diver, out now via Ultra Music.

This album isn’t paving new roads, but it does provide a useful addition to his cannon and the electronic music landscape. It remains grounded in four-on-the-floor house rhythms, but flirts with various other genres to keep the listener engaged. Whether that is distorted, Justice-like synth work on “To The Moon And Back,” soothing ambient melodies on “Blue Lake,” chugging house music on “Lieblingsmensch” and heavy trance influences for “Never Look Back,” there is a bit of everything here.