Ben Klock announces PHOTON

PHOTON [foh-ton], noun 1. the fundamental particle of visible light, with the unique property in that it is both a particle and a wave. A photon has zero rest mass and is always moving at the speed of light.

For the past 4 years Klockworks showcases represented talent from the label’s roster while focused around the vibrant visual display of the fabulous Heleen Blanken. This year Klockworks’ new concept PHOTON opens up to friends and colleagues whose productions and DJ sets he admires, from up and coming artists to the legends of the industry. The concept puts emphasis on the notion of a photon, to present a multi-sensory experience placing attention on the marriage between sound, light and architecture and how these elements combined influence our experience.

The Printworks in London was chosen as the location for the launch as unique, vast, industrial spaces are a focal point for the play of light. As each venue selected for the series will embrace it’s own distinct features, the light show will differ in each setting. Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Planetary Assault Systems (live), Ben Sims, Dax J, and Etapp Kyle will kick off the series on April 30th at Printworks in London. Subsequent dates will be announced soon.