Bas Mooy: ‘You don’t want to know how much money I lost on some of my events’

In the recent interview for Techno Motz, Dutch DJ Bas Mooy spoke about Rotterdam’s underground scene and how it has changed.

He said that, quote: ‘I’ve always been involved in organizing underground events in Rotterdam, also in the time when everybody was into that minimal bullshit. Perry (one of the founders of Strictly Techno) and me kept on pushing techno. Even though sometimes we only had 80 people in. You don’t want to know how much money I lost on some of my events. Organizing techno events was an expensive hobby back then 😉 It’s great to see how techno has developed over the years, although the current jungle of promoters is not an environment I feel comfortable in.I only do 1-2 events a year these days.’

Well we are glad he never stopped. Bas Mooy has been important name for techno since 1999. He released on enviable labels such as Perc TraxMote EvolverCLR as well as his own legendary label Audio Assault and more recent MORD.

We would suggest you read his full interview here because we believe that among great number of techno fans, many still haven’t discovered the sound of Bas Mooy and many more.