100 Reasons To Rave!

Weekend is coming, so here are some funny reasons to go to rave!

1. Because it’s Thursday, Friday, weekend.

2. Because your dentist canceled your appointment.

3. Because you can’t think of anything boring to do.

4. Because it’s daytime.

5. Because it’s nighttime.

6. Because it’s exactly one week later than it was this time last week.

7. Because rave until grave.

8. Because you want to annoy your neighbors coming home drunk.

9. Because you’re dying to wear your new dark shade.

10. Because you’re tired of playing ‘Domino’ and dancing alone by yourself.

11. Because you’re carrying a party gene.

12. Because you found the perfect shoes.

13. Because you’re afraid your lifestyle is too healthy.

14. Because you never know…

15. Because you need to get out of your place.

16. Because your mother needs something to be upset about.

17. Because you have a sudden urge to dance.

18. Because your inhibitions are out of town.

19. Because the bank made an error in your favor.

20. Because it’s there.

21. Because you need more alcohol in your diet.

22. Because the fun content of your blood is too low.

23. Because you look good doing it.

24. Because you’re considering it as a career.

25. Because your yo-yo stock went up a point.

26. Because someone’s got to do it.

27. Because you have a bad reputation to uphold.

28. Because you want to meet new people.

29. Because fun is a terrible thing to waste.

30. Because you want to try out your new sunglasses.

31. Because it’s your patriotic duty /State of rave.

32. Because you’re going for the party record.

33. Because your roommate got rid of his ant farm.

34. Because you need the practice dancing.

35. Because you’re not getting any younger.

36. Because the vet says your hamster will pull through.

37. Because you’ve got it coming to you.

38. Because your life is starting to grow moss.

39. Because your brain needs a night off.

40. Because you never met a party you didn’t like.

41. Because the fate of the free world depends on it.

42. Because the universe is expanding.

43. Because your dog is finally housebroken.

44. Because it’s the only exercise you get.

45. Because maturity is overrated.

46. Because a rave demon has possessed your body.

47. Because it hurts too much when you stop.

48. Because these are your “party years!”

49. Because you’re too polite to turn down an invitation.