10 Things You Should Never Do When In Ibiza


Ibiza is an idyllic island in the Mediterranean that boasts sun-drenched beaches, UNESCO-listed heritage, watersports galore and mellow waterfront cafes – but let’s be honest, most tourist flock there for its epic party vibe. Although there is plenty to see and do there beyond the club culture and beach parties, you might want to choose a different island if that’s not your scene. But for those that do go, here are a few tips of things NOT to do in Ibiza.

1. Don’t Buy Tickets at the Door
That’s a rookie mistake, especially when it comes to the hottest clubs and popular events. Not only will buying tickets at the door cost you more, but you’ll probably have to stand in line for at least an hour or more (and sometimes you just don’t make it past the velvet rope). Why waste all that party time? You can buy packages online through companies like Spotlight or Together Week. Prearrange some VIP tickets and get the red carpet treatment, if you can afford a splurge. Check local flyers for deals, or score some wristbands from the many promoters trolling the streets (check their ID to make sure they’re legit). Another tip is to sign up for the social media accounts of the super clubs, as you never know when they are going to announce a promotion.

2. Don’t Skip the Beaches
Sure, the clubs are the main attraction, but the beaches rock too. Chilling out on the sand and in the waves is the best way to recuperate from the night before and rest up for the coming night’s action. Plus the beaches are also the scene of some great daytime outdoor parties too. There are over 80 beaches around the island. If you want to relax, try Cala Jondal or Cala Olivera. If you want a livelier scene, try Las Salinas, Ocean Beach or Playa d’en Bossa. Or if you really want to get away from the crowds for a day, head to Cala Salada, Es Xarcu or Pou des Lleo.

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3. Don’t Miss the Day Parties Because of a Hangover
Pace yourselves, people. Don’t get so sloshed during the evening bashes that you have to nurse a killer hangover all day. The daytime pool and beach parties, not to mention the party boats, are half the fun and appeal of Ibiza. Party while you soak up the sun at the Bora Bora beach club, Blue Marlin or countless other venues. They’re not hard to find. Try chugging a little coconut water to help keep up your stamina.

4. Don’t Show Up to the Clubs Before Midnight
Most nightclubs and party venues start opening around 10:00 pm, but things don’t really kick into gear until the stroke of midnight (and, frankly, that’s usually when the coolest clubs open). Granted, there are some places that offer drink specials and discounted entry fees to entice you there earlier, but midnight is the time super clubs like Space, Pacha, Privilege and Eden open their doors.

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5. Don’t Forget Your Hand Fan
It may seem old fashioned and kind of dorky, but having an old-school hand fan to cool you down on the packed dance floor is an essential tip. You can’t count on the air conditioning or sea breezes to keep you comfortable in that mosh pit of sweaty gyrating bodies. Forget those battery operated hand fans, as you’ll probably just ensnare an innocent bystander’s hair.