SONIKKU announces his ‘epic night out’ chronicle LP ‘Whirlwind of Malevolence’ via first single ‘Debaucherous’ w. Partiboi69

Producer/DJ/songwriter SONIKKU announces his wildly diverse, multi-genre, multi-collab album chronicling an insane rave night, ‘Whirlwind of Malevolence’, out April 12th 2024. His first LP single sets the sinful scene; ‘Debaucherous’ with Partiboi69, out now on Bella Union.

SONIKKU’s second album ‘Whirlwind of Malevolence’ presents a hectic melange of electronica, hip hop, europop, trance electronica…  to chronologically capture one of those nights made epic by the music, the vibes, the people, coming together just right. From the in-your-face busy-signal bounce of album opener ‘Enter the Chat’ to the Eurotrance heartache of ‘Lipstick Stain’, we channel our own memories to share a gamut of genres and emotions, intricate beats, high octane melodies, all tied together by London-based SONIKKU’s signature tech savvy and sheer hedonistic joy.

Add to that, a sparkling roster of global collab partners: Australian dancefloor maverick PartiBoi69, female UK live-coding pioneer DJ Dave, Brooklyn-based R&B songstress Bayli (‘Enter the Chat’), Spanish underground icon Raky Ripper on the bilingual ‘Wonky’, NYC It Girl Miss Madeline, the Lagos, Nigeria-based rapper Deto Black, who lends ‘Unhinged’ a late 90s/contemporary R&B vibe.

Lead single ‘Debaucherous’ (w. Partiboi69) encapsulates the whole vibe of this project’, says SONIKKU. ‘It was inspired by a specific late 2000s bassline I’m obsessed with, as in Bodyrox or Wiley’s ‘Wearing My Rolex’’, reflected in its synth stabs and crisp, snappy drumbeats. The title was inspired by a YouTube soundbite which opens the track, while raucous Australian producer Partiboi69 gives the track a sharper edge with his rapper meets hyped-up bouncer vocals. The hip hop lyrics are euphoric and fun – ‘I’m flawless, we’re lawless, got you feeling enormous…’ while the relentless jumpy melody makes it dangerously catchy.

‘This album is extremely varied as I wanted to include all the genres I listen to and reflect as much of my personality as possible. I’ve always been told ‘you’re too pop for dance, too dance for pop’. I like sitting in that weird zone of uncertainty.’

There will be two more singles, out in February and March before the EP drops, so if you’ve had one of those nights but somehow can’t remember it, help is at hand.

‘Debaucherous’ is out now on Bella Union, get it here. Full LP ‘Whirlwind of Malevolence’ out on April 12th.