KIDSØ and ROBINS Join Forces on ‘Better Days’

Enjoying a triumvirate of evocative single releases on German music house Embassy One over the course of 2023 – namely ‘Freya’, ‘Sunniva’ and Fragments’ – Munich production duo and live act KIDSØ now return to the long-standing Berlin-based imprint for their first release of 2024, with ‘Better Days’.

Out now, alongside an eye-catching new music video, the emotive new single tantalises with an extraordinary hybrid of vocal, organic and electronica influences, as KIDSØ partners Martin Schneider and Moritz Graßinger team up with French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist ROBINS (Angie Robba) for a truly stunning debut collaboration.

Known for their unique blend of rhythmic, melodic and experimental electronic music, KIDSØ has been making waves in the music scene since their formation in 2017. Continuing their incredible run of thought-provoking, introspective output and creative self expression, this latest single sees the prolific pair further demonstrate their unique ability to connect absorbing electronic music with nuanced and versatile songwriting influences, as they combine ROBINS’ ethereal topline with intriguing atmospheric soundscapes, deft analog hardware usage and infectious rhythmic candour to create a hypnotising sound palette that captivates from the outset.

Speaking about the release, Martin from KIDSØ commented:

“Moritz and I were sitting in the car on our way home to Munich when we first listened to Angie. We reached out to her the same day and a few weeks later a first draft of Better Days was in the making. We love the outcome of the collaboration so much and are very much looking forward to the release”.

Expanding on the meaning behind the record, ROBINS continued:

“I would say this song is about experiencing life’s turbulences but having the chance to have someone to be lost with; sharing the darkness and guiding each other to the light, to better days”.

Formed in 2017, KIDSØ play music that you want to hear and feel at the same time. It is what could perhaps best be described as danceable melancholy, or, as Moritz Graßinger (analogue synths, piano, percussions) and Martin Schneider (drums, e-percussions, video installation), sometimes say with a smile: “electronic music for people who otherwise don’t listen to electronic music that often”. Both somehow hit the mark. And somehow also not, or only insufficiently. Because what the two of them produce as KIDSØ can hardly be squeezed into style pigeonholes or pinned down by euphonious adjectives. It is electronic music at its core, that’s for sure. On the live front, KIDSØ’s shows are a unique and memorable experience. Incorporating live instruments such as drums, guitar and synths, the duo infuses their sets with improvisation, infectious rhythms and engaging visuals. The result is an immersive and dynamic performance that leaves audiences wanting more.

Angie Robba (a.k.a ROBINS) is a talented singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Lyon, France, where she developed her love for music from a very young age. Descending from a family of Italian nomadic circus artists, Angie began playing guitar at six, and her love for rock and folk culture developed itself listening to bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Sum41, Linkin Park, and artists like Damien Rice, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell while growing up. Today, her playlist consists of indie pop/rock music and alternative, which serves as a source of inspiration for her music.

While Angie often works in electronic music under the name ROBINS – as a songwriter and singer for other people’s projects – her personal project is closer to indie pop and indie rock, which is where her heart lies. Angie has accomplished a lot in her career so far, including her involvement in a track with Like Mike for the album “The Reflection of Love” by Tomorrowland Music. Her name has appeared alongside the likes of Afrojack, R3HAB, Felix Jaehn, and Meduza, she wrote and performed the theme song of the Netflix original “Lords of Scam” and worked as a singer and songwriter on Kadebostany’s album “Play This At My Funeral.”

KIDSØ & ROBINS – Better Days is out now via Embassy One!