Interview: SPEKTRE

Paul Maddox and Rich Wakley of Spektre are increasingly marking their presence in the global techno-landscape. Their tracks are selected and played by Carl Cox, Alan Fitzpatrick or Adam Beyer to name but a few, the guys also established their own label – Respekt Rec.

Next year, their new LP will be released – we spoke with SPEKTRE before their gig in Poland ( in Sfinks700).

Artur Wojtczak: You will perform this weekend in Sfinks700, which is definitely one of the most interesting and vibrating clubs in Poland with a long tradition of partying. What are your favourite places you have been playing at worldwide?

SPEKTRE: South America is one of our favourite territories to perform. Obviously each country has a different vibe and personality to it. But the people there are always warm and have a real passion for their music, especially techno. We have had some amazing gigs recently in Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. Each with their own unique atmosphere but all with a feeling of freedom and innate love for electronic music.

Which scene in the world seems to be most inspiring for you at the moment ( artists, labels, venues)?

Belgium, which was a hub for techno in our formative years, has recently had a big resurgence – big props to Joyhauser who are at the forefront of this new wave.

UK has been a homeland to such genres like jungle or 2 Step. But house music and techno were born in the US. How is the techno scene doing in England right now? Is it going more mainstream like in the Netherlands?

Techno is definitely on the rise in the UK. A year or two ago there was a big void between the really huge events, and the really small underground clubs, but things seem to be firming up now with lots of exciting new venues and promotions coming to the fore. We have also been lucky enough to tour our own label brand Respekt at some of the top venues in the UK. This is testament to how well the techno scene is growing.

Your tracks are selected and played by such legendary names from the scene as Carl Cox or Adam Beyer. You have also released music on Drumcode, which is getting massive in the last years. How does it feel to get bigger and bigger popularity and respect on the scene?

Recognition is always nice, as it shows us that we’re doing something that people are reacting too, but it’s not what drives us; That will always be the simple desire to create music that we love.

Speaking of…Respekt (Recordings). What is the concept behind the label? Do you have your absolutely favourite release so far?

It started off as an outlet for just our own stuff, but it has grown into a vibrant family with a roster of immensely talented artists and a catalogue we’re incredibly proud of. Picking a favourite is hard, as we obviously liked them all enough to sign them, but Hertz “Bipolar” was a real milestone that has stood the test of time, and more recently OC & Verde’s “Mondoshawan” is just a next-level monster.

You’ve been working on a new LP for 5 years and your forthcoming album is announced for early 2020 and is titled ” Against A Dark Background”? Should we understand the title ironically? What stands behind it?

It’s 5 years since the last one, and we’ve probably been working on this one in earnest for about 18 months to 2 years. The title isn’t intended ironically, no, it’s a reference to a novel by Iain M Banks, who has been something of an inspiration to us over most of our career. We thought it was a nice nod to one of our heroes, whilst also alluding to the fact that this album is more informed by our really early influences than our previous works have been.

What is the most beautiful aspect of club culture for you?

Music and clubs/festivals have an amazing capacity to unify people. If you look at people who have never been into the club scene (or another music scene), they will tend to have a circle of friends who are all about the same age, and from the same social background. whilst as a clubber, you meet people from all walks of life, each with unique life experiences, drawn together by that common love. That is a magical thing.