Interview: ANSV

Featured image credit: Maria Butyrina

Latest export of Moscow scene ANSV is a rising figure in techno underground. We got the chance to speak with this enigmatic producer following her EP on An Der Grenze and you’ll find out more about ANSV in the lines below.

Your work under the alias ANSV is still a mystery for many. How would you present yourself to our audience?

I like to consider myself as a part of the Moscow underground stage, that is not yet known and understood by everyone, but it’s just a matter of time.

How did your first contact with electronic music happen and how did you get interested in techno?

I got to know about techno from one good person a very long time ago. He is a DJ, I was so fascinated so I wanted to learn the process of creating electronic music.

Can you tell us something more about your career? How did it all begin? When did you decide to choose it as a professional path?

I don’t take this occupation as a professional one, you can call it a hobby, but people give up their hobbies, and the music will remain with me forever. It began many years ago, I tried twice to start writing music myself, but I didn’t succeed. The musician in me was brought up by my ex-husband, I was inspired by him, his music and productivity from day to day and eventually began to write myself.

Your EP ‘Impostor Syndrome’ was recently released, so tell us something more about it? What inspired you to make it?

I’m always inspired by something, but the most important is my inner demons because sometimes they wake up and I immerse myself into the music to release them. So it happened with these tracks.

EP is out on An Der Grenze, so how did your collaboration with the label started?

My friend from Berlin Amir laid out a track and wrote that everybody should like it. It was the track by Colin Tobelem and I really loved it. We added each other in social networks, and suddenly he proposed me to make something together. But nothing happened, I was not ready that time, but I think he saw potential in me. Finally, I wrote the track in a year, in addition, I gave him something new to listen, and so he introduced me to the ADG label.

What’s your favorite thing when it comes to producing your own track? How are you describing your sound?

My favorite thing is the so-called pure inspiration when it controls you completely, you just disconnect from the world. And the puzzle is formed itself. It’s difficult for me to determine my sound, probably because I think I haven’t found it yet. But definitely, I love the contrast in music and the suddenness.

Russia has some incredible techno exports, how would you say Moscow had shaped your music?

Certainly, Moscow forms my sound, if I lived in another city, I would have sounded differently.

What are your plans for the future, are you working on some new music?

I try to write as much as possible and update my live set all the time. Although I let myself to take breaks when it doesn’t work. I’m planning to finish my audiovisual set finally. I also have a collaboration called “Central Circle” with Viner, a musician from Kazan. We make plans to perform together.

Where can we hear you play in the next few weeks?

June, 30th I will perform in Pluton at the Void party.

In case you’ve missed hearing ‘Impostor Syndrome’, check it below and grab your copy here.