Top 5 abandoned places that are screaming for a rave


Raves today are even more about the location rather than line up, and we can see new event announced and most unusual and unexpected places every day.

We gathered up some excellent examples of how rave location can give new dimension of event. We all have our favourite clubs or venues, and event medieval fortresses and castles where party are being held, but here are few ideas.

IM Power Station Cooling Tower — Charleroi, Belgium

Power Plant IM was originally built in 1921. When it was finished, it was one of the largest coal burning power plants in Belgium. Water would be let into the cooling tower, where it would be cooled by the wind that swept in from portals in the base of the tower, releasing billowing columns of hot air. By 1977, the power plant and its massive tower was the main source of energy in the Charleroi area and is said to have been able to cool down 480,000 gallons of water per minute. During the 1970s, new components were even added to the power plant that could also use gas power. However, the power plant’s days in the sun were numbered.

Landscahftspark Duisburg Nord

Techno Rave in an Industrial Park is a thing! Electronic Beats announced the unique location for open air raves is happy to present an open air that will take place at Landscahftspark Duisburg Nord. The light installation covers the technical installations at the heart of the ironworks, illuminating the steel structures, pipes, equipment, steps and bridges of the old industrial plant.


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