Interview: Maike Depas

The next in our series of interview is with up and coming talent Maike Depas. His brand new production is proper dance floor ready track. ‘On The Spot’ is available on all streaming platforms.

How would you introduce yourself to our audience?

I live in Milan and I have turned my greatest passion into my job.
I have started at a very young age in the world of music studying classical composition and piano, while I enjoyed playing as a DJ. I have always loved exploring the electronic music that had always attracted me for its mysterious and fascinating sounds.
I decided to study electronic music and to specialize in sound design by focusing my creative process on the sound scoring, experimenting with the integration of electronic sounds with classical ones.
I have always loved the interaction and the innovation that technology has brought to modern music: today mixing EDM and Film Scoring is not only possible, but consolidated, because it is used in films and because sound and melodic research – sometimes even orchestral – is part of the best productions destined for the “dance floor”; moreover, many listeners are very attentive to this kind of contaminated projects, as for example BT, Sasha or Junkie XL did. The constancy and passion for electronic music led me to create my first professional recording studio, The Innovation Studio, which is and will be an ever-growing expression of my sound and my idea of making music.

How does your creative process start?

My creative process begins with a precise study of the emotions that I want to create for the listeners, the different emotions we feel in our life can be revealed through music with some techniques that lead to emphasize the sensitivity of each one of us.
I study the sounds and generate them through various techniques and musical instruments and then I develop the sounds to create what I feel can represent the idea I want to give to my project.
The continuous search for new tools and new processes plays an important role in this.

As a Musician, producer, and sound designer do you think you have a different approach in making music?

About the creation of a personal path, in such a saturated industry I believe that innovation is meant as personal renovation, a search for a language capable of connecting me to an audience; is my approach to making music different?
Yes it is, because it is not based solely on technique or musical rules: it is based on being aware and creative with regard to a very specific idea, finalizing the track with creativity, exploration and innovation. It is a precisely personal approach.

Do you think that producers should have deeper knowledge?

I think that being aware of the unknown must be at the basis of every producer’s life; this must “push” anybody to study, explore and experiment. Growing up and “innovating” as human beings also means growing in the need for expression and in musical language.

How would you describe current situation on global electronic scene?

The electronic music scene is constantly changing, genres and sub genres are born and die, many producers have changed their path of origin by discovering new genres and creating new musical trends.
I believe that many producers need to increasingly step out of their comfort zone and explore the huge breadth of styles and genres of music, so that they can bring out their hidden skills that could lead to the birth of new music, genres and trends.

You had just released ‘ On The Spot’ so what can you tell us about the track? What was the idea behind it?

On The Spot is the result of the inner awareness of wanting to bring out a hidden part of myself: the love for electronic music.
On the Spot is characterized by sounds typical of techno, bold and decisive, and at the same time by dreamy and atmospheric sounds typical of cinematic music.

Can you reveal something about this release? How is the feedback so far?

This piece is the first part of a journey that will express my musical feeling, which will integrate Techno and Soundscoring and even more… The result of my first release “On The Spot” is currently very satisfying, which motivates me to continue my path.

Do you believe that an artist has to be both producer and a DJ?

I believe that this depends on the individual personalities and goals.
The beauty of the rules of this musical world is that there are no rules

Tell us something more about your influences? What shaped your sound and how would you describe it?

My classic past and my present as an electronic music producer have been influenced by numerous figures who have characterized my sound including Hans Zimmer and Olafur Arnalds (sound scoring and sound designs techniques) Stephan Bodzin and Tale Of Us (electronic music composition and sound design). I hope to grow and find my own language in this niche.

What are your top 5 techno tracks right now?

My top 5 techno tracks are:
1) Rave on Time, Charlotte de Witte
2) Frequency Differ, UMEK
3) Rigid (Kobosil 44 Rush Mix)
4) Journey to the underworld, ANNA
5) Horizon, ARTBAT

What are your plans for the future? What can we expect from you?
Are you working on a new music?

In the course of 2022 several new singles will be released, each of them will have a sound and a musical expression that will also arise from the socio-environmental context in which we will live.
My journey into new musical dimensions has just begun… get ready, you will hear some good ones!
And stay tuned also following The Innovation Studio because within the year we will open casting to produce and distribute artists and projects that we will find similar to our idea of music.

What message do you have for all the producers currently working on their debut releases?

Never get tired of knowing and exploring music as it is in constant change and evolution: innovation and experimentation are the basis of our future;
Keep on Working!